Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Tea

What a week!  Next week is going to be a little hectic but I will try my hardest to stick to the schedule.  Today I am skyping with my sister who lives in Virginia and sipping chamomile tea.  I will probably go out later to get some Halloween make up supplies and keep organizing my office. Oh Sundays.  Anyway, here are answers to YOUR questions.

Hello.  I've been anxious to ask this. Please don't judge.  I have a crush on my brother's girlfriend. I am a female and I'm not "out" yet but I feel like he treats her bad and I want to treat her like she deserves.  She has been coming to me to talk about their problems and we've gotten very close.  I don't want to scare her. - Dee Dee

Hi Dee Dee.  No judgment here.  The only iffy part of this situation is that your love interest is involved with your brother.  That's never an easy situation.  I think you need to be comfortable about your sexual preferences first. If you feel like you are going to scare her away then maybe she isn't as close as you think she is.  Part of having a great relationship with someone is being comfortable in your own skin and knowing that they will be accepting.  Get confident.  The other factor is her sexual preference. So think about that as well.  Although, you may be able to treat her better you may not necessarily be what she is looking for.  Be a friend to her and when you are confident enough to come out- you will be able to read her a little better.  If she's still involved with your brother keep your feelings to yourself and distance yourself if it is getting too rough on you.

What is your opinion on high waisted shorts? - V

High Waisted Shorts

What's not to like?  I do think that baggy high waisted shorts are unflattering- it gives you mom butt.  The only thing about high waisted shorts is that it makes your behind look not as perky so wear nice fitted ones.  Also, if the crotch is lower than the shorts portion- do a PASS.   

I'm having trouble with chipping nail polish. What can I do to keep my polish looking nice? -Berni

Three things help with long lasting nail polish- Buffing your nails prior, Base Coat, and Top Coat.  Also, regardless of brands there are always certain polishes that will chip faster than usual.  Metallics chip the quickest in my opinion.

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