Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Tea

Today's Sunday Tea is a little more tame.  Word of advice to all of you readers... remember too much of something is never good. Always keep a balance.

Kim, I recently started getting into fashion.  I mostly am a plain dresser and want to know ways in which I can expand my fashion world. Thanks- Amerelia

First- I love your  name.  Second- The great thing about fashion is that you put your unique style to your dress.  So, you may be a plain dresser but it doesn't mean that you can't find your niche within that realm.  If you are looking for inspiration, now is the perfect time with New York Fashion Week.  Look at what is coming down the runway, pick up on little things you may like and add on to your everyday routine.  Also, never underestimate jewelry, shoes, and scarves.  They add some serious flair to any outfit. Hope this helps.

How short is too short when it comes to skirts? -Traci

Ha! I looooove mini dresses and skirts but I recently found that my sometimes short skirts look really tacky.  I say do the sit test.  Sit down and if you can modestly cover yourself then you are good.  Also, bend over... will everyone see your butt?  People with slimmer legs can pull of mini skirts because the thighs don't look as big.  If you are wearing a shorter skirt make sure that it hits at a point in your legs that is flattering.  Sometimes if it is too short your legs look even bigger.

My little sister dresses too provocatively.  I'm 17 and she is 14.  She always has her stomach out and wears a lot of short shorts.  How can I tell her that she looks like a skank with out saying "Hey sis, you look like a skank"???  This question is no joke. My friends think I should just say what I think. -Anon

Just a thought here... she may not take to you calling her a skank too well.  She's at the age where she is trying to fit in and but be individual all the same.  It's complicated.  However, you are her sister so I imagine that you are truly concerned for her.  In that case say.., "Hey Sis, I think you would be really cute in X"  She also may be getting attention from boys and therefore loves dressing that way.  Go shopping with her and make some nice suggestions. Make her feel like she looks really good even when she is covered up.

Why don't you ever do hauls and swatches? A lot of make up bloggers do it.  I'm curious to know what you buy and your opinions on the product. -NoneyaBusiness

Something tells me that I know you personally. lol If not you have a good sense of humor with the "noneyabusiness" Anyway Noneya, I really dislike hauls.  I feel like it comes across like bragging and no one gets much out of it.  Also, I haven't purchased much make up in the past months to do proper reviews but it is something that I do want to do more frequently.  I will be doing a swatch/trend alert on wine lips this week coming.

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