Wednesday, September 4, 2013

That 90's Girl

I was born in the 80's so I was groomed in the 90's.  It was an awkward time for fashion.  I didn't understand why my oldest sister was in love with dirty rock stars, wore flannel, doc marten boots and sported vampy lipstick.  Funny thing is... I now find myself in 2013 in a similar situation (sans the doc marten's...I have similar combat boots).  

First a little more back story.  Three years ago, I was gearing towards hipster fashion. I bought a pair of oxford flats, flannel shirts, even skinnier jeans, and a bowling hat.  I loved it.  Well, I also bought combat boots and all of a sudden I was straying away from my femme fashion sense and was going a little darker.  I bought grayed out skinnies, wore a lot more black and invested in Kat Von D's Rosary Lipstick.  I then started wearing my skater dresses with textured leggings and my combat boots... then it hit me.  THE 90'S ARE BACK.  What is even more surprising is that my lovely 16 year old niece has taken to the 90's trend so much so, that it made me want to make a style profile for it.  So here is to all of you not so 90's babies that want a little inspiration.

That 90's Girl

All you need to pull off 90s grunge is some spunk!  This look is not for the faint at heart. Of course, you can pull this off in several ways.  You can be boyish grunge, sexy grunge, or gothic grunge.  Its all about the small details and how you carry yourself.  Remember, you can pull of any trend with your own spin to it.

Flannel. Tie a flannel shirt around your waist with cut off shorts and you are done!  You can also put a flannel on top of a graphic tee for that boyish look.
Rock Star Studs. Studs are everywhere now so this is something really easy to attain.  Even if its just a studded bracelet, handbag or shorts... a little stud will add harshness to even the softest of looks.
Graphic Muscle Tee.  If you have an amazing graphic tee... you are already there.  If you just have a regular shirt... cut off the sleeves.  Nothing says grunge like a rock band t-shirt with no sleeves.
Leather. I'm a sucker for leather.  Whether it be a leather cuff, shorts, jacket, or hat- it's 90's.  Leather short + mucle tee + flannel around  the waist + high socks w/ ankle booties = super cute!
Combat Boot.  I have been a fan of these for quite some time now.  These are a great investment.  You can wear them literally with everything, season to season, and to an array of occasions.  Even after you are done with your 90's phase these are sure to poke their way through your wardrobe.
Stacked Rings. They don't even have to be stacked.  They just need to be plentiful.  Tons of rings and bracelets- in silver!  Gold is not grunge... well maybe if its antiqued. Also, dark chipped nail polish is another nice touch.
Iconic Backpack.  I remember begging my mom for a little backpack from Claire's.  I got it, loved it and wore it every where! It was burgundy and tribal... I eventually upgraded to a black patent leather one ahaha So cheesy!!  Well, if you want to keep it cool at school a fun backpack will do the trick.  It would also be cute as an alternative to a purse.

Other ways to keep it grunge:
  • Disheveled hair
  • Dark Lip Stick
  • Torn tights under shorts
  • Round Sunglasses
  • Velvet Skater Dresses
  • Smudgey Eyeliner
  • Crosses
  • Bandanas 

Now go watch some Real World, listen to Faith No More, and make a mixtape! :)

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