Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Tea

This week we have zit woes, long distance love and big decisions!  Please comment on posts if you feel like you have something productive to add!!

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What is the proper way to pop pimples??? I have really bad acne scarring and don't want to keep adding scars. -Nina P.

This is such a great question.  What most of us want to do when we see a pimple is to just pop away and get it out of our lives- you just need to treat it and let it go away on its own.  If you MUST pop it; only pop whiteheads.  The proper way to do so is to either get an extraction from an esthetician or dermatologist or by gently pressing the sides of the pimple with CLEAN hands.  You also have to then treat it with benzyl peroxide or any other product that will disinfect pimples.

I'm in a long distance relationship and it is very hard to feel included in my boyfriend's life.  He says when I move back home that we will get married and I'm happy for it but I sometimes feel like I am talking to a stranger. I feel like I'm an outsider to his interesting life.  I love him and want to marry him but I just don't know if its better to break it off. I'll be out of the country for another year and a half. -Farrah

It sounds like you miss being physically part of his life. If you guys want to get married and he truly makes you happy and you know he's the one- why waste it? People die for great relationships. I'm sure it is hard to hear about his "interesting" life but think about your life.  Keep communicating with him and Skype often.  Tell him about your day and be grateful about your life. Long distance relationships can work!

I know you are a big animal lover and figured you would be the perfect person to ask if I should get a dog or a cat!?! I'm 19 and this is the first pet that I've ever had.  My parents are allergic to animals and I was never interested in keeping fish or reptiles.  I want a siamese cat or a beagle! What are your thoughts on this. -Tamara

Taking on a pet is a HUGE responsibility.  Cats and dogs are very different so I would go with whichever animal suits your life style the best.  If you have an apartment I would probably go with a cat because dogs require walks which can become hard to deal with during the winter.  If you don't mind taking a dog out then of course keep your beagle an option.  Another factor is time. Cats require your attention but aren't by your side 24/7.   Dogs are companion animals and if you are always zipping around they will feel lonely.  Also, all pets have different personalities so it is hard to generalize but if you want an animal that loves on you when you are around and adore you- DOG. :)  Some cats will do that too but generally cats like it when you seek them out.  I hope this helps! Also- get your animal from the pound! Save a homeless animal.

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