Thursday, October 3, 2013

Joie De Vivre

Oh my. This past week has really been something. There has been a lot of emotion but you sometimes have to go through rough patches to soar.

Knee High Socks

I looove these!  I'm getting to the age where I may be a little too old for this. I don't care though. I love high socks and wanna wear them all the time. 

We Need a Bookcase

As of now, we have our books hanging out on the fire place.  Also, if you can't tell- WE ARE NERDS.  We have been looking at different bookcases on  We've decided that instead of getting one from a furniture store that we are going to build one ourselves.  Should be fun!

This picture describes my life.

So basically I've been trying to read this book but don't feel like it when I get home from work.  When I get home I tend to go to the computer instead. I saw my shoes on top of my book and thought "typical."  Alas, the shoes are off the book and its on my dresser like it belongs. Btw, how did my book even get on the floor? I don't even know. 

Great New Cuff.

My co-worker was sweet enough to surprise me with this great bracelet. Gold is everything right now and I commented how I'd been searching for the perfect black and gold cuff! :) I love it so much.

Halloween is Coming!

I'm so ecstatic and don't even have plans for the Halloween night yet.  I'm ready to watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and eat yummy candy.

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