Monday, October 7, 2013

Not so Sunday Tea

Hey guys! I have been having a hectic little week so sorry that this post is a day late! :)

What age is it appropriate to wear a crop top? -Kita

I would say 17-24.  16 feels to young to be showing off your belly too much and 25 feels a little old.

I don't think vampy lips are for everyone! My sister seems to think that I should wear a deep lip for my homecoming dance. I'm wearing an emerald green dress and bronze shoes. What do you think? I don't feel comfortable with it but maybe I need to be a little more edgy? -Briten

First thing- I'm digging your name. Second- it's YOUR homecoming.  If you don't feel comfy with a very deep lip, try a nice medium berry color.  Trust me- I just saw a picture of myself from my 8th grade dance and it is all sorts of wrong.  Anyway, if you want to step out a little it is okay just make sure that you feel confident while doing it.

I'm buying gifts for all of the girls that have been in cheerleading with me since this is our last football season.  Should I get them jewelry or make up? -T.A.

That is so thoughtful of you! I would stick with jewelry. Make up for others is hard to do and jewelry is a keepsake. Your peers will hold on to it much longer.  Have you looked at those custom name rings that are super cute?  They sell them on etsy!

Soooo this is a little TMI but I need some honest advice.  My boyfriend wants me to do very intimate things with him. I'm 19 and we've been together 2 years. I just really want to save myself for marriage. I don't know. I really want to make him happy and I don't want to let him down.  I don't know what to do. A part of me wants to do it and the other part says wait. ????????????????????????????? -Anonymous from GA

Hello Georgia girl!  If there is one thing that I wish more people would do- it would be to WAIT.  I think that is great that you have been in a relationship and still haven't gone too far. Keep it up. It will be a hard thing to do and I know it is tempting but wait. Explain how you feel to him too. If he is a decent guy- he will understand.  I wish more 19 year olds could have your dilemma! Keep up the good work and WAIT.

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