Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pinterest Trials: DIY Terrarium

My very first terrarium! I've been wanting to make one forever and it sat in my pinterest board.  I'm not 100% thrilled with how mine came out but I think if I master it before Christmas that I may be giving out cool ones as gifts :)  Click here to see which pin helped me with this lovely DIY project. <---I deviated a little but but this will also give you step by step instructions on how to build a terrarium.  

 What you need:
- Fish Bowl
- Activated Charcoal
- Sheet Moss
- Assorted succulents and cactus
- Potting soil
- Small Rocks
-Spoon (Not pictured)

  1. Put down your rocks for the base. I regret not adding more but as you will soon learn, depth is valuable when you are planting in a fish bowl so maybe it's not so bad.
  2. Add your activated charcoal. This is to serve as a filter for your water.  I think this is especially important for terrariums that are closed off. I love those but couldn't find a sufficient container.
  3. Add potting soil.  I used soil that was for cacti since I knew thats what I would be planting.
  4. Put in your plants.  This is the tricky part. You want your arrangement to look like it makes sense. I feel like mine just looked like I plopped down plants where ever.  Also depotting a cactus is not fun! *Tip: Wrap a paper towel around cactus while moving it.
  5. Once you are happy, put down your potting soil. I used a spoon to pat it down.  
  6. Apply your sheet moss.  Make sure you cover it all :)
  7. Done.  You can add little decor in there as well. Some people add rocks, animals, small homes, etc.

Just wanted to point out that the cacti I got from Home Depot look like they have fake flowers hot glued to the top of it????  Odd.  Didn't really notice it until I was depotting it.

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