Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Tea

I overheard my friend's mom call me "the mousey girl".  She didn't know I heard her. I told my dad and he said that he didn't like that and wanted to talk to my friend's mom. I'm afraid that this will break up our friendship.  What can i do? -Terra

I'm sure your dad is just looking out for you. Perhaps, tell your dad that you want to conserve your relationship so that when he speaks to your friend's mom that he conveys that. No one should refer to you as "the mousy girl"  A parent should lead by example and not be so judgmental.

My fiance and I are paying for our own wedding. We chose a smaller venue to prevent going over budget & have had to make serious cuts to our guest list.  His stepmother has a family (he's close w/ a few) who will take up 15% of our invites.  What is the most polite way to tell her that they all can't be invited? -CD

The guest list is probably the most uncomfortable part of it all.  Try this out on your fiance and see if he thinks its a proper way to approach the situation
"I wish we could really invite everyone in the family but it isn't in our budget.  X are the family members that we are closest with and want to send invites to."  If she laments and insists on those family members being there just let her know that other people have had to make sacrifices as well.  Who knows she may offer to shoulder some of the cost.

Warning: this is kind of weird.  My boyfriend is obsessed with yoga pants.  He bought me two pairs. Asks me why I don't wear them out. I consider myself a fashionista and I can NOT be seen in public with gym clothes on.  I also recently saw in his search history "girls in yoga pants" SMH  I think it's a sick obsession. Thinking of ending things with him- it's hard to find nice guys these days.  My question is do I break up with him in yoga pants or do I throw yoga pants at him and tell him it is over? -Jada

Is this question even real? I'm going to pretend.  So your boyfriend loves yoga pants on females. He isn't the only one. I am happy that you don't wear them publicly- though I am guilty as charged.  If you are going to end it just return his yoga pants to him politely and let him know that things are working out and that he needs to cool off the yoga pants thing. :)

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