Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Super Easy Basic Halloween Makeup

I look like a creep. That's okay though. It's for Halloween!! :)  It is the only time of year to be a total harlot or freakazoid and every one seems to be okay with it.  Anyway this look is extremely easy!  As you can tell there isn't much to it.  Awkward video below for instructions!

  • Light Foundation or Concealer
  • Dark Taupe/Grey/Brown Eyeshadow for contouring
  • Dark Purple/Black/Taupe Eyeshadow for eye sockets
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Very Dark Lipstick & Lip liner
* Step by step instructions below video


  1. After you have sufficiently moisturized your face. Apply foundation or concealer. If you have very light skin I recommend using white face paint. For darker skin tones, go 4-5 shades lighter than usual.
  2. Contour!  You want to make your cheeks look super hollow. So make a fishy face and apply some gray/taupe/dark brown eye shadow.  You also want to get the sides of your chin and nose.
  3. Tight line your eyes with black eyeliner. You also want to apply the same liner to your eye lids.  Once you have that smudge it up with some dark eye shadow. I mixed a purple and taupe.  
  4. Next are the lips. Go dark! You can go black or grey or just apply concealer if you want to look super lifeless.  I went vamp with dark burgundy lips.
  5. Dishevel your hair. Add accessories. If you are a vampire add blood to chin and creepy fangs.  For zombies I would wear ripped clothing and put "blood" and "cuts" all over. For a witch- just add a witch hat and dark clothing. DONE.

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