Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Early or Late Sunday Tea

Why hello, readers!!!!  I've been a very naughty/lazy blogger. I've been keeping busy with fun things like work and work. Still a bad excuse for some of you. Anyway, I checked my email and saw that I had 9 questions waiting for answers and I couldn't resist much longer. So here they are!!

1. Okay. Long story short here. I've grown up with this guy since I was 4 and I hated him up until my sophomore year (I'm a freshman in college now).  I'm in love with him now.  He goes to the same school I do and I am afraid that if I don't tell him that it'll be too late. The problem is we hang out a good bit with his girlfriend. They have been together for 3 months and seem happy.  I just don't want to wait longer. -Christa

If you can't wait- you can't wait. I would just come clean about it. If things don't work out you at least know that you gave it a shot.

2.  I'm normally a brunette but recently went rouge. Problem? I don't know what to do with my eye brows! Do I keep them brown or do I make them red? -crazy eye brow girl

The safest bet is to go light brown with your brows. If you hair is a very deep, dark red you can probably stick with what you are currently doing.

3.  I don't really have an issue just wanted to ask you a question. if you don't pick my question to be answered it is understandable.  What is your take on girls asking guys out? Do you think it's unlady like or too forward? -anon

Ha!! In this day in age, I don't think anything is too forward anymore. Just kidding. I think it is okay for a girl to ask a guy out.  Do I think that modern guys need to be a bit more chivalrous? Yes.

4.  I'm what some people would refer to as a "high yellow" skin toned African American. Think Rihanna when she isn't tanned.  I have light brown eyes. What kind of make up should I wear?  I find that purples and blues look awful on me and I think bright lipsticks look unflattering.  What do you suggest?- Kendra

Look up pictures of Rihanna when she just started out. You will see her with very natural looking make up.  See if any of those looks inspire you. I have yellow undertones in my skin so I understand just a little by what you mean with bright colors.  You may just have to go with deeper hues instead of bright hues to tone it down a bit but not sacrifice richness.  For your eyes, try a nice green or plum.

5.  My co-worker is constantly trying to get me to out to bars and clubs with her so that I can "meet a REAL man". I'm 29, single for 3  years, and HATE dancing.  Those places are kind of out of my element.  I'd like to go out and meet people just don't know how! Help? -Katie

I don't know how either. lol Sad but true. It is easier said than done. If you don't enjoy clubs or bars that's fine but think about things that you do enjoy and see if there is something in your town that has a club involving that. For instance, if you are into yoga, yo would sign up for yoga classes. There you make new friends and maybe you meet someone there or through some one else. Its all about networking. Put yourself out there- on your terms.

6.  My grandparents have been together for nearly 52 years now. I admire them deeply and they sincerely love each other.  I hope that I'm as lucky as they are.  I was hoping you could help me figure out some presents for them?- Anon

I think people always enjoy seeing pictures of their past. See if you can get a picture of them when they are younger and blow it up for them and put it in a lovely frame. I also think it would be great if you could get an account on each of their behalves on how they met or first date and make a little scrap book for them.

7. No offence to your blog but, I feel that we learn tidbits about you but not enough to really get a sense of the person who is behind the keyboard.  Do you get my drift?  I admit, I don't visit too often but when I do it is a nice read but not very personal.  It would be nice to get more personal pieces about you and your current life- even if it is just a picture.  Just a suggestion.What is something challenging about blogging that readers may not realize?- Libby

Libby, I do appreciate the feedback. I must admit I do not take nearly as many pictures as I should which leads to not having much material to post up on the site. It is very challenging to do so.  I think something that readers don't realize is that our lives aren't picture perfect. We don't have a new project to post about every day and sometimes there is no time. Blogging is a part-time if not full-time job for some. Sometimes I have to make a conscious effort to make sure things come out picture perfect for a post. So something that may normally take 30 minutes to complete may take 50 minutes because you have to worry about the quality of picture, content, etc.  As far as making my site more personal. You are right. I have felt like I'm making it too generic on here and will aim to liven up the content a bit by adding more personal touches. Thank you.

8.  Saw your response to someone's question about fitness. I'm anxious to see what your husband has to say as far health tips and all.  I would just love to know more about his credentials. Is he a fitness trainer, nutritionist, or someone in the health field? -D.F.

Ha! I feel like he would be great at any one of those professions but alas he is not a professional when it comes to health.  He is a very disciplined person and lost 80lbs all on his own. He used a very strict and intense fitness/diet program but it's nothing that no one else can't do.  I will ask him again if he is interested in doing a guest post to kick off the new year!

9.  Hoop earrings? -anon

Not a big fan at all. lol  Small hoops are cute. I especially hate them on guys.  Seriously though, your hoops shouldn't be bigger than a silver dollar.

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