Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fashion & Beauty Items Every Girl Should Own

Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick: I know some of you are thinking that no one NEEDS red lipstick. Trust me, there is a red for everyone and I think its a great look for the right occasion.  It's especially great to put on when you are feeling a little less glamorous than usual.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace 

Pearl Necklace: It's a beautiful classic and can really get you out of a tough spot when you don't have much else to accessorize with. It's dressy enough for a gala but classic enough to wear to work every day.

neutral scarf

Neutral Scarf: The best accessory piece to add to any closet. Want to wear a jean and tshirt but don't want to look like you are just running errands? Throw on a neutral scarf and it bumps your outfit up to chic.

black pumps

Black Pumps: If you don't own any... I don't know what you are waiting for. Like pearls, these will help you out when you are in a rut.  You can wear a classic pair of black pumps to an evening wedding or even casually with skinny jeans.  It's the holy grail of shoes.


Blazer: I'm a sucker for a blazer. I love them because they bring structure and class to anything you pair with it.  It is a versatile piece in which you can wear with dresses, skirts, jeans, or slacks and look amazing.

coral blush

Coral Blush: What's lovely about coral blush is that coral looks good on every one. I used to never wear blush until a friend pointed out how much more lively it makes your face look!!  So trust me on this!


LBD (Little Black Dress): Don't know what to wear? Wear your LBD.  Seriously, wear it to a party, funeral, interview or date!  When picking out an LBD pick up something that you know you can wear most seasons of the year and that you can easily add to it.  You don't want to buy and LBD that has a lot of frills or extremely racy cuts.

Stud Earrings

Stunning Studs:  I ADORE studs!  I mean who doesn't? I know some people love a good dangle but really studs are so elegant and easy to pull off.  Wearing earrings every day, even studs, really boost your appearance.

classic sunglasses

Classic Pair of Sunglasses: Having a go-to pair of sunglasses is nice because a) they protect your eyes and 2) it's an easy way to be practical and chic!!

Black Eyeliner

Black Eyeliner: I can't imagine someone not owning eyeliner but I just had to reiterate that everyone needs some eye liner.  Every eye shape can benefit from a little liner.

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