Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Tea

Hey Guys!! I thought I scheduled blogs to be posted up this past weekend but alas none appeared. So I'll be posting them manually.  I wanted to post this "Sunday Tea" post ASAP because there are some Valentine's Day questions.  Here we go!!

1. Kimberly, I'm scared to try nail polish colors that aren't pinks.  I work part-time at a law office so I don't want to wear anything that would appear unprofessional. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Ellise

I love this question! First thing, neutral polish doesn't only mean pink or clear!  Try taupe or soft metallics!!  If you have an olive to dark complexion you should try deeper reds. I would steer clear of anything that has glitter in it or anything pastel.

2. I'm going on a Valentine's date with a guy I've been crushing on for months now! This will be our first date. We are going to dinner at a "fancy-ish" restaurant and then we are heading to my sorority's Valentine Bash. The dress code is cocktail attire but not too conservative. My question is- should I look like a total bombshell and wear a tight fitted dress and killer heels or should I appear to look more romantic and soft?  I want to make a good impression on my first date with him!! -Lory

You should wear something that you are comfortable in and that makes you feel pretty.  The last thing you want to do is feel like you need to adjust yourself all of the time!  Remember to feel in your element and let him see you at your best!

3.  I'm in LOOOOVE with my boyfriend of 10 months. He's incredibly good looking, super sweet, treats me well, has a great sense of humor, plays drums (I play drums so that's important), and a great physique.  The problem is that he is a SMOKER.  I HAAAATE the smoking. It drives me insane. Is this a deal breaker? - The Lover in Smoke

Well tell your drum beating boyfriend how you feel. In my opinion, it is only a deal breaker when you guys can not compromise and it makes it difficult to be happy.  Some couples are able to work through smoke by having designated parts of the house that are just for smoking or agreeing that smoking is just a one person activity.

4. Valentine's Day is basically a week away-HELP!!!!!! I don't know what to get my boyfriend of 2 months. I mean, what does a guy want that doesn't scream "I love you" or "let's take this to the next level"??? - Taylor

If things aren't serious don't get too uptight about a present. Seriously, get him some chocolates and a funny card. It will keep things light but thoughtful.  If you want to get him something less generic think about getting him something unique like chocolate covered bacon and a funny t-shirt. Now that only gets awkward if he happens to get you something that is a bit more romantic!

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