Sunday, March 30, 2014

Petite Sunday Tea

I only had two questions in my inbox so this will short and sweet!! If you have any questions you'd like for me to answer- email me at

1.  Prom is right around the corner and I want to look nice! I know that sounds odd because everyone wants to look nice but I'm a tomboy. I never wear makeup or anything so I'm rather clueless when it comes to this stuff. I don't have any older sisters to ask this to so I'm hoping you can help.  I'm wearing a light blue dress. It doesn't have any sparkles on it. I was told by the lady at the store that I should do silver shoes but I don't like silver. What other color can I wear? Also, is it awful to not wear heels to prom? I'm 5'8" and my date is taller than me so technically I can wear heels but I don't want to be uncomfortable. -Reyna

I think you should do a nude shoe!  Nude is actually very easy to find and it will definitely match. As far as heels go- if you don't want to wear them don't. You mentioned you were a tomboy and if you feel like you would rather spend the night in nice flats- why not? Maybe you can get a pair of nude patent leather flats that you can wear after with jeans! Email me if you are confused about anything else. I'll be your big sister.

2.  What's your laundry routine? Do you take things to dry clean a lot? Do you separate your clothes by color or fabric?  -JRB

I'm actually pretty awful about doing laundry "correctly" but I do have some tips that I learned from a textile class I took and my mother.

  • If it says "dry clean only"- take it to the dry cleaners.
  • Read your tags carefully
  • It is always better to use cold water to wash clothes
  • Try not to use the dryer so much
    • If you can- lay your sweaters flat to dry and shape them well
  • You don't have to wash your clothes after EVERY wear. I'm talking more about jeans, blazers, etc. 


  1. Your laundry tips are fantastic---if the asker has the luxury, they can always hang their clothes in the sun between wears instead of washing as often. Also, a drying rack would work wonders to keep clothes out of the dryer (and save on electricity bill).


    Another Beautiful Thing