Thursday, March 27, 2014

Secrets & Coffee

I am currently waiting at a cafe for a friend so I figure why not share some secrets over java goodness.

1. In true creep fashion, I always check people's hands and scent. I myself am guilty of not having a constant manicure but I feel like you can learn so much from one's hands. Smell is also very prevalent to me... guys that wear too much cologne are usually my enemies.  If I smell Chanel no.5 I am drawn to that person. True story.

2.  I have a wicked sense of humor.  I laugh at awful things. I try to fighht it and be "mature" but that proves difficult to me. For instance, when people post over confident selfies i laugh so hard.

3.  I constantly find that I avoid group events.  I am pretty easy going but I suppose that my idea of a fun night involves few people.  I don't love hanging out in groups.  Mainly cause it is more people to entertain. Meh.

4. People with self entitlement issues KILL me. Unfortunately, it seems that this is the new trend. People deserve things for nothing... somehow. I am avid believer in hard work. I do know that breaks in life are great but geez thinking you deserve to get things fast and easy kill me!!!

5. I love Eric Bana. Yeeeep, this is true. I do not blush but for some reason.. i blush everytime I see him on tv or online. IDK, there are more attractive people im sure. He is just amazing.

6.  When I was young, I found my parent's alien cards and I freaked out. I was like "oh my, if they are aliens...that means... I AM AN ALIEN!! It was a very scary 30 minutes. My mother told me that she wasnt from outerspace and cleared it up.

7. My husband is a nerd. I mean this in the nicest way possible. It makes him so attractive to me.  He reads his little sci-fi books and loves his technology. He knows the quirkiest little things and has to research EVERYTHING.  Does he like to take me dancing... heck no but I can live with it.  He's my cool little nerd.

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