Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stomach Virus & Secrets

-I started writing this post on Friday the 7th but unfortunately- I was pretty bad off all weekend so couldn't finish it until today-
Moments before I was about to get super sick on vacation
Secret #1 I must admit that I've been absolutely discouraged to write anything on the blog because I certainly didn't give myself the time to. For anyone who has submitted a question for Sunday Tea in the past few weeks... I'm getting to you THIS Sunday. I'll actually be posting up everything tonight and will let it post up on a time schedule. So you have my word.

This is my current state: awful tummy cramps, old tshirt, messy hair and feeling defeated.  Today is not my day. I am almost positive that my dinner from last night is coming back to haunt me. So I figure, some of you want to get to know me a little better so why not today via blogger.

Binky & Luna
New Pup- To be named

Secret #2: I'm a cat lady. I have the best dog but I must admit kitties are my loves. I love the way they act when they are playful and I love that they give me space. I think their eyes are mysterious and their personalities are hilarious.

My cat, Binky, is my nurse. Anytime I am sick or sad he snuggles up next to me and stays with me until I'm better. He is currently at my side as I type.
*Update: My husband surprised me with a get well soon puppy! She's adorable. So now I'm a crazy dog lady too.

Things I shouldn't have but can't resist.
Secret #3: I passed gas at least 12 times at work today. No shame. When you are ill- your manners take a back seat.

I've always had stomach issues. I'm lactose intolerant so I'm constantly bloated or craving a milkshake.

Secret #4: I haven't had a hair cut since May 2013.  My hair looks awful and I should probably get one but I somehow manage week in and week out to be exhausted or have 5 million other things do. Its on my to do list.  My  hair is super long now- but shapeless.

I also haven't dyed my hair in ages. I was going to dye my hair for my wedding but again- NO TIME. I feel a big part of that was stress at work which equaled forgetfulness and exhaustion in my personal life.

Secret #5: I love my job.  Some of you guys already know that I work in retail.  Most people look down on that sort of profession or think of it as a college job and not a career. It is challenging and very rewarding at times. I especially love it because it keeps me on my toes, up on fashion, and I get to talk to all sorts of people every day.  Don't get me wrong, it's not my DREAM job but it is a job I am very passionate about.

Most people assume that I don't have a college degree- which is fine.  Some degrees, like mine, don't mean much unless you attend graduate school.  They also assume I'm super young (like 23) which is also nice!

Subjecting people to my awful siging many  years ago. WHAT AM I WEARING??
Secret #6: I relieve stress through song.  I find that after a SUPER long day at work or on an off day when I just want to relax; I sing. I even make up my own songs sometimes. Hahaha. I sing AWFUL. Which makes it funnier. I frequent the youtube karaoke channels.  However, you will never find me volunteering to sing in public.

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