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Oh the tea is steaming today and it needed to!!  Apologies for not getting to this sooner!!  Here we go 13 questions!!!

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1.  Do you think it is okay for celebrities to be so open about their drug use?  It seems like everyone is talking about smoking weed or popping pills like it's whatever.  I'm 17 and haven't had the slightest urge to pursue any of those things. -Rhitah

I feel that through out history artist have been open about drug use. I commend you for not giving in to drugs. GUYS, IT'S NOT CUTE!!  To answer your question- I'm indifferent.

2.  Boyfriend is clearly cheating on me but I can't seem to catch him in the act! Any advice? -Laura

Ha!! How sure are you that he is cheating?  Have you asked him straight up?  Okay, if you want to bust someone cheating just simply look through their phone. If that isn't enough- stalk.  Or you can just take the easy way out and break up with him because you clearly do not trust him!

3.    My future mother in law is pressuring me in to having one of my fiance's cousins as a bridesmaid. I already have a big wedding party and don't feel like adding another. Is it so wrong? My own cousins aren't even in the party!  I feel like she is getting really upset about me not doing it yet! Heeeelp! -J. M.

Just say no. If she gets really upset, let it be.  There will always be someone upset about something at a wedding. No one is ever happy. Trust me by the time the wedding day rolls around she will forget everything!  If you are too afraid have your fiance talk to her.

4. I have trouble with filling in my eyebrows. Can you do an eyebrow tutorial? -Sasha

I'm not a professional but I will certainly try.  I didn't realize how important brows were until I started paying more attention to mine.

5. I know you love shoes- do you like tall gladiator sandals?- Ashley
Hmmm. It depends on what day you catch me. Today, I hate them but on some people they look super cute. I feel like only tall but healthy looking girls can pull them off.  Not for anyone under 5'5", in my opinion. Also, you need to have nice legs. Scrawny legs will look more scrawny and fat legs will look like sausages.

6. To put it bluntly, I hate my best friend.  Synopsis: She broke my brother's heart, started to hang out with a different crowd, and left me stranded at our school dance.  The problem is I have 3 classes with her and usually sit with her at lunch.  I don't really hate her but I'm really angry at her.  What to do? -Megan

Sorry to hear about your friend.  Well, just let her know that you have a problem with how she's been handling things lately. Don't be catty about it.  If you see things are just getting worse. Start networking! Make new friends and just end things with your friend on a peaceful note so that it isn't awkward when you see her.

7. I found out that all my boyfriend's friends hate me. They talk bad about me and came up with an awful nick name for me. :( I really like this guy but I can't stick around with his friend's calling me "hump dump".  I used to be promiscuous in high school but I've changed tremendously in the last 3 years. I don't like when people bring up my past because I'm ashamed. Can I save this relationship? -anon

Wow. First, I'm happy that you are no longer promiscuous.  To any reader who is being sexually liberal- read this as a warning. Unfortunately, you have to live with your past. Talk to your boyfriend and let him know that it makes you uncomfortable to be called names. Frankly, it is immature.  He needs to defend you. If he doesn't stand up to them they won't back down.  Also, ignore those guys. Once they see how you have changed they need to drop it!!

8. In April I'll be going on a few interviews for jobs in California. I'm trying to get into real estate.  I'm from Southeast Mississippi and have little to no fashion sense.  I'm sure once I'm out there I will get a better sense of who the people are and how I should present myself better but how do I look the part for the interview? I need this job -Cadence

That's so awesome! Congrats on your endeavors and I hope you make it there. The first rule of thumb is make sure that whatever you are wearing FITS. So if you are wearing a pant suit- take it to a tailor and make sure it fits perfect. You also want to keep make up simple. Don't do anything like winged liner. Just wear enough make up to wear they know you are wearing make up but it really just accentuates you. If you are thinking of lipstick do something semi-bold like a medium plum or deep rose.  Remember, you are selling yourself.  So you want to look as good as possible but just make choices that scream good taste and not over the top.  If you are still stuck email me pictures of what you are thinking and I can respond back.

9. As a girl, it is super hard to be the first one to say "I LOVE YOU!" but I am so ready to tell him that I'm in love. He hasn't said it yet either. I'm scared. He seems very into me and perhaps he's in love but I just want to tell everyone I know that I love him.  Should I say it first? How? -Ezmer

Love is in the air!!  Being in love is such a great feeling!! Being scared is very natural especially if he is your first love.  I think you guys should talk about your relationship and just tell him that you love him. Worst case scenario is that he doesn't love you.  It seems awful but sometimes people take longer to form proper attachments so it's okay. :) As long as you guys are happy who cares?

10. Um, hi, what if I told you that I caught my mom cheating on my dad and don't know what to do? -Anon because I really don't want anyone to know

Eeeeks.  If you are 100% sure that your mom is cheating you should bring it to your mom's attention if she doesn't already know that you know.  Your dad has a right to know as well but encourage your mom to come clean. That's a very nasty situation.  Good luck to you.

11. I don't have lots of money but I love buying cosmetics. This leaves my only options to be drug stores or discount online stores. What is your best trick for finding the right shades in foundation? -Kerry

Very good question. If I were you I would first figure out what your undertones are. Are you more yellow or pink?  Once you figure that out you can choose colors a bit better. Trust me, it takes a bit of trail and error. Also, once you get to know the brands better you will start to pick up on who has more yellow or pink their formulas and can go from there. I would also read reviews on it.  If you know your perfect shade in a different brand you can always google and see if anyone has a chart. has a really good conversion chart that helps you find your color across brands

12. I've seen people ask you questions like this before but what's your philosophy on buying luxury brand items? I see people who have very humble jobs and aren't rich but they are lugging Louis Vuitton's, Hermes, Prada, and Gucci.  Some of these people are even buying matching shoes or are wearing Christain Louboutin- it irks me. What is your opinion on all of this?

I say don't buy something you can't afford.  Some people really work hard and save up so that they can buy themselves a really nice purse or pair of shoes and there is NOTHING wrong with that.  I don't think someone should go in debt for it.

13. I'm trying to change my look but not really know what to do. My friends and I are really "boho" and hipsterish. I'm about to be 25 and realize that that isn't the look I should keep.  Got any tips?

Changing your style is very fun. I love doing it. I think you should start by buying very basic pieces and growing from there. Everyone's personal style changes through out the years. You just have to go with things that you are naturally attracted to.

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