Thursday, May 29, 2014

How To Wear a Kimono


Kimonos are the latest summer must have. They have been circling around for a while but, it looks like they are finally exploding. Which is no surprise considering how versatile and practical a kimono can be.

These kimonos can be looked at as very boho but paired with the right accessories you can find yourself looking super chic! Also, if you play your cards right you can dress them up or even use them as a swim suit cover up!

How To Wear a Kimono

How To Wear a Kimono by fleurluxe featuring Topshop

A. Dress it up!!  Get a plain kimono with soft details and pair it up with a fitted cocktail dress and you have yourself a romantic, chic after five look.  Don't forget to have fun with your color palette and make it fancy with some sparkling baubles!
B. Boho Babe.  I love this look! Mix and match patterns and keep the rest simple. This is an easy way to turn a not so amazing outfit into something selfie worthy!  Details are everything so be sure to add little touches like antiqued jewelry & smokey eye shadow.
C. Keep it Cool.  This is the most favorable way to wear a kimono. This is the ultimate festival uniform.  It also doesn't hurt that its cute as a button. Pair your floral kimono with some ripped jorts and gladiator sandals to call it day!  Circular sunglasses, wavy hair, and knuckle rings are a must with this.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Goodbye Pony Tail

Before my wedding I was adamant about making sure my hair was super long. So it began, I was growing it out and getting it trimmed every so often. Well fast forward to now and I hadn't cut my hair since June 2013.  I would get compliments on the length and thickness but, I felt like Cousin It!! My hair wasn't healthy at all and was consistently in a pony tail or bun.  It was just long out of pure laziness.  So, I opted for a dramatic change.  I didn't want to just trim it and letting it keep growing- I was dead set on cutting and not turning back.  This hair cut is rather significant for more reason than the obvious. It's a push to stop being lax with my beauty routines and to push myself to change.

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