Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wear Heels Comfortably

I would absolutely be lying if I said "HEELS AREN'T SO BAD- ANYONE CAN WEAR THEM ALL DAY". Although, you will run in to freaks of nature who insist that their feet can't handle flat shoes and that they MUST wear 6 inch heels.  Now, I know we are all suckers for beautiful shoes and sometimes we think that there is no hope with our torture devices/heels and we must be in pain but I'm here to tell you that you can EASE the pain.

  1. Buy the right size.  I'm not even joking. This seems like common sense but if your heels are too big = blisters. If they are too small = corns/bunions.  See the trend. You can't afford to go wrong here.  Also, pace back and forth at the shoe store- this will be a great indicator on whether the shoe fit is correct. If you feel yourself slipping forward- go down in size. If the size down doesn't work- try a ball of foot pad! If nothing works- LEAVE THE SHOE BEHIND.
  2. Work on that strut. Walk HEEL then TOE, shoulders back, abs tighten, chest forward and head held up high.  If you have a wobbly walk or a strong step down your feet will be killed.  Practice makes perfect.  Walk around your house find what works for you. You want to master a light step that looks like an elegant glide.  
  3. Wear insoles!  Listen, they were made for a reason!  These will help with the balls of your feet and offer more support!
  4. Take care of your feet. Yes, moisturize and scrape off the dead skin. Also, don't forget to stretch your toes and ankles daily.  Also, if you find that you are having issues- go see a doctor.
  5. Take breaks. I know, we all want to be glamorous 24/7 but it is never okay to wear heels for 9 hours straight. Take a seat, wear flats, and let your feet breathe.
  6. Be Smart. Walking all day long...don't wear stilettos!! Opt for a wedge or chunky heel. Platformed shoes are your friend- sure they look menacing but actually they are much more comfortable then they look.  Next, look at the sole. A heel with a rubber sole is also great because it will make your step more cushiony.

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