Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Tea

1. How do you get free stuff to review and what is Influenster? -B.A. Trevors

ANYONE, that includes you, can review products via Influenster. In fact, if anyone wants to take part please send me an email ( and I will gladly send you an invitation.  Influenster is a company that helps other companies get customer reviews on products. You get a trial period to try out items and then you get an email with a survey link. You must complete these surveys in order to participate in future programs. Its a win, win!  Outside of Influenster, I have been able to try out products for review simply by contacting the company directly.

2.  I'm a fan of recycling some may say that I'm a hoarder. What kind of items should I always keep in my closet and what kind of things should I purge? -Anon

If you have holes in your clothes- toss it! I would also purge those items that you have had for several years and have never touched. If you don't dye your clothes I would purge as soon as the color/material is degenerated.  If you dye your clothes hold on to those classic pieces that never go out of style  Again, if you don't want to throw those items away and want to use them- cut up your clothes for cleaning rags, pet clothing, throw pillows, quilts, etc.

3.  Any tips for Latina hair. I hate straightening it everyday and my natural texture is between wavy and straight and SUPER FRIZZY! Help! -Jessie

Ha, I understand this struggle way too much.  The key is smoothing out your hair. As Latinas, we tend to over due the gel because we want our hair to stay flat. Go for leave in conditioners that make your hair a little heavier but add the needed moisture. Also, use a boar bristle brush! This will be your best friend.  I like to use Aussie's Sprunch Mousse when I wear my hair naturally- its a leave in conditioner + mousse so you get the best of both worlds.  Another tips is taking your time with your hair, section out your hair when you apply product so you are thorough/efficient.

4. I've tried everything on your "how to wear heels comfortably" post. I still can't do heels. Is there no hope for me? -Eli 

Medically speaking, no one should easily wear heels.  It really takes practice and sadly those beautiful shoes can ruin you. Eli, start with a kitten heel. Master it and then move on to a 4 inch heel. Take baby steps! You can do it.

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