Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

Twiggy + Miracle Gel Top Coat
Okay, so initially I was EXTREMELY skeptical. Due to the fact that I work in retail, gel nails are a must for me. My hands are constantly in use; whether it'd be ringing up a sale, sending an email, putting up back stock or adjusting buckles... my hands are never idle.  The problem is I detest going to the nail salon!  You can now see why a product like this would have me rubbing my chin in thought. Anyway, Essie and Sally Hansen are my two top favorite nail polish brands so I decided to give this a go. I apologize for lack of photos.

How to: The process is extremely easy. All you do is apply two coats of your color of choice and top it off with the top coat.  Note: it must be a miracle gel color.  Sally Hansen advertises up to 14 days of color and shine.  

At 14 days.
The Verdict: Okay, so Sally Hansen is right you will get 14 days of color and shine but it doesn't mean that your nails will not be chipped.  Unlike a gel manicure you would get at a salon, this will most definitely chip on you within a week.  I do know that chalky colors tend to chip faster than your vibrant shades so I am not 100% positive it isn't the entire line that is like this.  I also tested this out during one of the busiest times at my job... so others may find better results. All in all, it is defintely worth a try but don't look at it as a 14 day manicure.

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