Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gifts Under $15

Gifts Under $15

These products are sure to please the recipients as well as your wallet!  

1. Statement Necklace- $15 This particular necklace is now sold out but check out to find some great pieces and awesome prices.
2. Lime Crime Eyeliner- $14 This is perfect for a girl who can not live with out her cat eye. If you haven't heard of Lime Crime... shame on you!!
3. Sketch book Book $9.95 Barnes & Noble
4. Sephora Collection All Access Glam Pallete- $15
5. Awesome R2D2 Ornament. They have a wide array of cute ones- $6-$15 at Target
6. H&M Pile Lined Thick Sock- $6
7. Claire's Floral Beanie- $6
8. Guess? Ring- On Sale for $12

Friday, December 12, 2014

Flashback Friday: Gaucho Pants


UUUUUUUUUUggggggghhhhh!!!!!  I can proudly say that I did NOT participate in this trend. My wonderful friend, Laura, had the pleasure of working at Talbots while this awful style was in full effect. She loves to recall how older women wanted to pair these with knee high boots and she was glad to interject that "it wasn't cute".

Anyway, I know some of you thought it was the new yoga pant or that they were just comfortable... but boy they were so unflattering. I detested seeing girls pairing t-shirts, gauchos and wedged flip flops together! Gag me! :) So please... reminisce of that time you or your sister/friend/coworker/teacher wore gaucho pants and let's celebrate that it is no longer a trend!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Flashback Friday: Jon B.

Some of you may not have a clue who this is... but I dabbled with BET when I was in elementary school soooo I was quite aware of who Jon B. was and I had a little crush on him. I can't even watch one of his videos now with out cringing but that is what was so amazing about 90's R&B.  Also, "They Don't Know" is a classic- so no shame! So this Friday, I chose to remind everyone of the talents of Jon B.- ENJOY!! By the way... if you want to see what he is up to you can follow him on twitter or visit his website!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 Gift Guide for Trendy Girls

Christmas Banner

Preppy girl holiday guide

  1. Kate Spade "This is the Year to" Idiom Bracelet.
  2. Ugg Australia Robe
  3. J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer
  4. Michael Kors Stockard Boot
  5. Ann Taylor Cashmere Scarf
  6. J. Crew Dragonfly Necklace
  7. Monogrammed Clutch
Rocker Gift Guide
1. Kat Von D. Ladybird Palette
2. Leather Leggings
3. Steve Madden Globaal Bootie
4. Alexander McQueen 3D Skull Bracelet
5. Wine Velvet Skater Skirt
6. Ear Cuff

Boho Gift Guide

1. Free People "Ayla" Necklace
2. Jade Bangle
3. Tarte "Makin' Waves" Set
4. Big Buddha "Jodi" Satchel
5. Crochet Tunic
6. Temporary Metallic Tattoos

Gift Guide Trendy Girl
1. Christian Louboutin Nail Colour
2. Fur Vest
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Katie" Turnlock Bracelet
4. Tory Burch Snow Leopard Crossbody
5. Leopard Gloves
6. Chanel No. 5 

Country Girl Gift Guide
1. State Necklace
2. Southern Marsh Pullover
3. Ray Ban Aviators
4. Justin Western Boot
5. Fringe Handbag
6. Plaid Infinity Scarf

Gift for Urban Queen
1. Timberland Earthkeeper Tall Boot
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Saw Tooth Studs
3. Juicy Couture Slim Leg Joggers
4. Nixon Monarch Watch
5. Moschino Quilted Napa Leather Backpack
6. Sassy Beanie

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DIY: Clothes Pin Picture Frame

*Great Christmas gift alert.

I was at Michael's and found this lovely wooden frame in the last call section for $8.00. I am always looking for a new way to add some decor in to our very plain home so alas a project was born. Total this project cost me $14. 

What you will need:
  • (1) backless frame
  • (9) clothes pins
  • 1 roll of twine or jute
  • gold paint
  • sponge brush
  • staple gun

Step 1: Measure out how many inches you would like your strings to be apart. I measured the frame and divided the inches by 4 to get a good idea.  I marked each spot I wanted to put in a staple with chalk.

Step 2: The picture above is a little misleading. I realized after that I should put my staples vertically on the inside ridge of the frame.  Your staples will serve as the spot where you will be tying your jute.

Step 3: Paint your frame. I used metallic acrylic paint. I love acrylic paint because it doesn't take too long to dry and its easy to work with. I also used a sponge brush because I still  wanted the wood portion to come through.  I did about three coats and let it dry for 40 minutes.

Step 4: All that is left is hanging your pictures with clothes pins and finding the perfect spot in your home!

I hope you enjoyed  this! Don't be too stressed if you have to play around with your staple placement... the weight of your pictures/clothespins make the spacing seem off.  Also, the tighter you tie your jute/twine the less slack for slouching.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Joie De Vivre

I haven't posted one of these in some time but here are some snip bits of the great times I've had these past few months.

My lovely friend Carla and I were reunited on Halloween. She was Mrs. Frizzle and I was a jellyfish. Good times :)

Ceviche... need I say more?

Mind my finger. Beautiful water in Mexico.  We went on a cruise in September. It was just what we needed to relax

I really need to find out what this building is. My sister came in town and we took a ride on the Natchez down the Mississippi River and we came across this!  

Stoic angel on a tomb. I found this very beautiful.