Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Joie De Vivre

Yummy tacos avec the Lambert's. My dear friend and her brother are exactly 364 days apart so I had the pleasure of having lunch with them at the Rum House. I'm a sucker for fried plantains and a shrimp taco.

Yummy present from a wonderful girl. I sometimes forget how sweet people can be. I see a lot of crazy people through out the day so to have a random act of kindness for me was so special. It really made my day when my old co-worker popped in to bring me this surprise.

The bump finally appeared 3 weeks ago!  Its a little bigger now and only going to get bigger from here on out.

Sooo.... I love burgers. I truly do. This burger is from Lee's in Metairie. I'm obsessed. I sometimes go here on my lunch break just to get a fix.

I kind have been obsessing about kid's fashion.  I don't love the girl's outfit but how cute are those boy's loafers???  I've been following fashion kids instagram accounts and looking for website to shop at. If you have any recommendations send them my way!

My favorite response meme. As most of you know, I love cats and have adopted hissing for showing displeasure. I'm aware that is weird. Anyway, I find that this picture is the perfect way to show displeasure via text message.

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