Monday, June 1, 2015

DIY: Simple Gender Reveal

We aren't the most festive people so having a Gender Reveal party just didn't seem like it was in the cards for us.  I personally don't like surprises and a whole event dedicated to surprising me just wasn't going to happen. We also felt that it was something that we should find out together...first.  Anyway, we decided to reveal the gender in a not so cliche way and we brainstormed this cute, simple idea to announce the gender to our families.

What you will need:
Small trinket box
Keepsake (We chose a pink button since we nicknamed our baby Buttons)
Tissue Paper

How to:
1. Put keepsake in the middle of tissue paper.
2. Stuff box so it builds anticipation as they unwrap
3. Cut two ribbons.
4. Wrap ribbon tightly around box however only knot once.
5. Take second ribbon and wrap it perpendicularly to first ribbon and make sure to loop ribbon through the first knot.
6. Knot second ribbon and tighten all knots.
7. Cut ribbons evenly along edge of box.

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