Monday, October 26, 2015

Cold Weather Must Haves

Cold Weather Must Haves

As we approach the end of October it is time to think about what essentials we will be reaching for the next few months.  These items are not only great go to items but they aren't so basic that you just look plain.

1. OTKs (Over the Knee Boots)- I love the look of a flat OTK paired with a skirt. Don't worry shorties... to pull this off all you need to do is pair it with a short dress.  Another great thing about these long boots is that you get more coverage from the cold weather with out compromising style.

2. Suede Dress- These are popping up everywhere and I just love it. Get a suede dress in a nice chestnut, olive or khaki color so that you can mix and match it with fun booties. Not to mention this is a great day to night dress. 

3. Tweed Structured Pieces- It's all about structured silhouettes. What I love about it is that you not only are warm but, you look so put together because you are wearing something that hugs you in the right places. Definitely think Chanel if you try this trend. You may want to reach for a tweed short, tights, and cozy sweater.

4.  Mixed Medium Accessories- Again, I revisit being less basic. Sure, sure, I will never EVER be tired of plain old gold but throw in some leather, suede, or beads and you have now given your look some more depth.

5. Brown Lipstick- This lovely trend of the 90's has come back to visit us. This time it is not frosted at all and looks lovely. If you are darker skin toned think copper, olive skin tones look for pink undertones, and if you are fair the cooler browns will compliment you nicely.

6. Colorful Tights- I usually always list this as a must during the winter but, it is simply because of how it can dramatically change you.  If you are starting out with adding color via tights grab a pair of burgundy, olive, and navy. If you are weary about color just look for black patterned tights.

7. Casual Trench- I adore the way a trench pulls everything together. Alas, you do not have to get a Superman khaki, floor length one. You can now find a trench in an array of colors and even pair it with a t-shirt and jeans.

8. Color Block Tote- It will not be hard to locate one of these this season. They are literally everywhere. Take the blah out of your usual go to bag by adding some color. Also, look for patchwork accessories these are sure to put some personality into another wise drab look.  

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