Thursday, November 19, 2015

Joie De Vivre

There is absolutely so much for me to be beyond grateful for and the arrival of our baby girl has been amazing.

1. Camila's hairy little shoulders. This picture was taken during her first week, it has since fallen out but I found myself smiling so much when I would see her hairy little back.

2. Those baby hands! That photo was taken about a week ago but she absolutely loves holding hands and cuddling. Many know that I am not one to be a cuddle bug but with her I just can't stop. How cute are those tiny little digits?

3. Suuuushiii!! So pregnancy definitely limits what type of sushi you can "safely" eat so imagine the moment I took a bite into my take out. It was awesome. It was almost a freeing moment to know that I can basically eat whatever I like now.

4. When Shane and I went on our first date night as parents... I knew I wanted a margarita. No regrets!  We orderd a pitcher and had many laughs.Also, yes I downloaded my pic from Snapchat. 

5. Camila's first Halloween. At first I wasn't going to get her dressed up at all because I figured it would be uncomfortable for her and I didn't plan on taking her anywhere but obviously that changed. My sister's job was having an in office trick o treat and she wanted Camila to meet her coworkers so I ran to Target and found this cute and inexpensive onesie/hat combo. I'm so happy that we ended up doing something!

6. Wine & cheese night. We have a tradition that has gotten a bit fancier over the years (Our first one was ironically done with Arbor Mist and Kraft cubed cheese). Anyway, it was great to get a girl's night that included a run through a tropical like storm, funny music videos, classic anthems, and yumminess.

7. Home cooking. One of the benefits of being on maternity leave is the ability to cook atleast 4-5 nights a week and to have as much time as Camila allows. It's great. I get to plan out meals and  I feel like it's my moment to try Pinterest recipes and get creative. Having said that, casseroles are beyond easy to make and have been a great go to with a newborn. 

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