Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Make Up Free

I've been on maternity leave for the past two months and let's just say I've been extremely relaxed. I thought I was going to just jump into heels as soon as I had Camila but I've hardly gotten dressed up. It literally took one month after her birth for Shane and I to go on a date and even then I didn't wear heels. It's freeing.  Day in and day out I go make up free. My skin seems to be more vibrant and I'm somehow starting to be okay with my under eye circles.

My beauty routine consists of face wash and moisturizer. I know part of it is adjusting to being a mother and I'm loving this unexpected perk. Do not get me wrong, I will be back with a full face of make up once I return to work but for now I am happy to share with you that make up doesn't need to be a daily routine.  Take your make up off sometime and love your looks. Look past a blemish here and there and go out fresh faced. Sure, you may die a little when you look in the mirror but the more and more you get used to it the better you will feel about yourself overall. 

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