Monday, January 25, 2016

Influenter's Jingle VoxBox

Hello there! I wanted to share with you guys my Influenster Jingle Voxbox. If you aren't familiar with Influenster- get familiar! I love participating in these voxbox campaigns and best of all, it is free. All you have to do is give your opinion! If you'd like to join click here or click here to learn more about Influenster and what it's all about.

Excuse the blurriness and enjoy the view

So this time I got some awesome beauty goodies
  • Pure Ice Nail Polish in Shore Bet
  • Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer
  • NYC Color 24hr City Proof Eyeliner
  • Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive
  • Kiss True Volume Lashes in Chic

Other goodies that I loved just as much were:
  • Hallmark Ittybittys Olaf
  • Biscoff Cookies
  • Not picture: Ore Ida Tator Tot Coupon for a free bag
Product Highlights

Some of you already know that I love Cetaphil so there was no testing this out. I already knew I loved it. It is the only moisturizer I use so this will serve as a good travel companion.

This was the first product I tested out. I was already familiar with Biscoff because my mother is a fan but it reintroduced me and my coffee loving husband is obsessed now. It looks like this will now be a staple in our pantry.

NYC Color 24hr City Proof Liner... I am impressed!! I really truly didn't think it would last very long. Especially because I'm a die hard liquid and gel liner kind of girl. My eyeliner didn't move all day long and I was having a busy day at work so you can only imagine how relieved I felt when I saw that my eye make up was still intact.

Camila was very pleased with her IttyBitty Olaf. These are cute for kiddies to collect. You guys should see the Star Wars IttyBittys- so cute!

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