Sunday, February 17, 2019

Are You a Negative Nancy?!?

Negative Nancy glaring at your happiness
We all have that one friend or associate who finds every little thing wrong with a situation and then writes themselves off as a "realist" and these are the same people that have constant drama.

These Negative Nancies come in all forms. Which one are you?

1. The friend that calls you about their drama and when you find a solution- they think of 10,000 reasons why that solution won't work.
2. Family member who asks you how you are doing and when they hear one thing that may not be 100% in line with their opinion- they offer a negative anecdote instead of encouragement for everything else.
3. Co-worker that complains all day about being at work and calls those people who are busting their butt "brown nosers".
4.  Church folk that talk smack behind other members back.
5.  The sideline reporter. Oh, these people, they watch everyone and talk about what "they should've done"
6. Gossip Queen: They thrive on chaos and love to talk about how things are going wrong. Never bring up exciting things on the horizon.

Whatever number you are, y'all have something in common: You are a HAPPINESS SUCKER!

I have fallen in to these categories at some point in my life and I tell you when you snap out of it... you are left disgusted with yourself.

1. Start your day on a good note: 3 things you are grateful for, prayer, positive affirmations or exercise!
2. Listen to your friends rather than judge. If you are always on the alert for how things are awful or can turn awful - ew. Listen to your friends, they may need some empathy, hapiness, or just an ear.
3.  Smiling can change your demeanor. When you smile you find others will smile with you and in turn the less likely negativity is to be shared.
4. Self care. You may be unhappy. It happens. When you aren't happy with yourself, you are more likely to not find joy in much. Take time for yourself
5. Are your friends negative? Surround yourself with people that believe in you and want you to succeed. They have your best interest and don't want to see you unhappy.
6. Success is addictive. It's true. When you accomplish things and your mindset is in tune with your goals, watch out!!!

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